Fund Raising

Home Loan

Money can often be a barrier to one’s dream of buying a house. HrFin has cultivated a diverse network in this field through years of experience as a trusted home loan advisor.

Our team works dedicatedly to connect clients with banks and financial institutions that can offer the best loan at a competitive rate. From salaried employees to professionals, we help every individual to buy their dream home.

Personal Loan

There can be many instances in life when one needs additional finances to meet an obligation. This is where a personal loan comes in. However, most banks and financial institutions decide the terms of the loans based on income, credit score, and other factors which may not always be favourable for the customer.

At HrFin, our team helps every customer meet their financial obligation with the lowest interest rate and most favourable terms.

Business Loans

Businesses may need additional capital for various strategic goals and objectives. Identifying the right financial institution to partner with is crucial to get the capital on the most friendly terms.

At HrFin, our experts guide you throughout the entire process for customised solutions by connecting you with the ideal partner and supporting you throughout the application process.

Working Capital & Project Finance

A business may require additional capital to finance the day-to-day workings or for a particular project. These loans may vary in amount but are often focussed on specific requirements of the business.

Getting a competitive interest rate and repayment term is crucial to help the business complete its objectives while repaying the loan. Our experts have a diverse industry network to connect you with the right firm for every project need.

Loan Against Property

Property acts as a wonderful collateral against which one can get a loan. This can be a residential or commercial property. HrFin helps secure a hassle-free and friendly loan against property to help people meet their financial obligations.

With our experts, you can expect longer tenure with smaller EMIs at far more attractive interest rates from the best bank or financial firm for your requirements.

Secured & Unsecured Loans for Individuals & Corporates

Individuals and Corporates can opt for two kinds of loans – secured and unsecured. In a secured loan, an asset is put up as collateral against which the loan amount is decided whereas an unsecured loan does not have such a criterion.

The two differ in terms of interest rate, repayment timelines, amount of loan, etc. HrFin looks at each case individually to create a customised loan application that best suits the applicant’s need and budget.