Financial Planning

Financial planning involves assessing one’s current financial situation and creating a plan to meet future financial goals. This comprehensive plan takes into account one’s earning capacity, possible income growth, inflation, and other costs to determine the amount needed.

As every individual or business has a different requirement, all financial plans are customised to the client. Further, several aspects need to be considered under financial planning. These include estate planning, retirement planning, insurance planning, tax planning and more.

Our experts will analyse your current financial situation and your future goals to create a customised plan. Based on your objectives, whether it be a comfortable retirement or saving on your taxes, our team will create your financial plan.

Our experts follow a 4-pronged approach to create the perfect financial plan for every client.

Goal-Based Financial Planning

Every plan has to be customised based on the individual’s goals. Be it a dream home or a short vacation, our team determines the financial requirements based on your goal and compares it with your current income sources to create a suitable plan.

Risk Assessment and Advisory

The extensive investment options in the market allow people of every risk-bearing capacity to grow their money. Whether you are risk-averse or risk-inclined, our experts know the perfect investment opportunities to match your goals with your risk capabilities.

Wealth Management

We help you manage your wealth to minimise unnecessary expenditure and maximise growth. Be it a business or an individual, our experts can help grow your wealth by managing it properly.

Portfolio Monitoring

Once a plan has been decided and set in motion, it needs to be constantly monitored to ensure it stays in line with one’s goals and objectives. Our experts constantly monitor and track the dynamic financial market to ensure your portfolio stays ahead of market fluctuations.

Financial Planning Services at HrFin

Enterprise Financial Planning

Working Capital Management including Monitoring and Management of Debtors & Creditors Cycle.

Analysis of Cost structures across value chain & suggesting suitable solutions to either optimize or reduce costs.

Bank Debt Management including Optimizing Funds Utilization to reduce interest cost in phased manner.

Deriving Contingency Funds requirement & Provisioning for Reserves within a timeline of 4-6 months' timeline, subject to current financial structure.

Digitizing Working Capital data to prepare relevant MIS for effective decision making.

Leading and Monitoring Finance Teams work.

Education Planning

The cost of quality education is on the rise but it does not have to be a last-minute problem for you. Start planning today for your family’s tomorrow.

Goal Planning

Every individual has certain goals they aim for. These may be a vacation, a home, a car, or any other dream. Let our experts help you achieve your life’s dreams with ease and planning.

Life Planning

Plan your life the way you want. Get in touch with our financial experts to accomplish all your desires without compromising on your financial obligations.

Why Do I Need A Financial Plan?

A good financial plan helps you better prepare for the future and maximise your chances of meeting your goals. The future is unpredictable and while there are no guarantees, it is easier to face challenging times when one is prepared. With an effective financial plan, such as one created by HrFin, you can start investing timely to ensure you can live every stage of your life well and face the difficult times with lesser financial stress.

Retirement Planning

Spend your golden years comfortably. Our experts understand your financial goals and lifestyle to plan your retirement appropriately.